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Dental Emergency

If you have trouble breathing, opening your mouth and swallowing, please call 911 as soon as possible. 

Dental emergencies can be in many forms ranging from severe tooth pain to bleeding gums. Here are some of the dental issues that require emergency treatment:


  • Severe toothache

  • Trauma to the oral cavity including jaw, tooth, or gums

  • Broken or chipped teeth

  • Loose teeth

  • Severe pain on chewing

  • Gum bleeds that are excessive


No matter what the dental emergency is, getting the attention of a dental professional within 12 hours is very important. At Downey Dental Solutions, we specialize in preserving the original teeth and aesthetics using the most sophisticated equipment, techniques, and skills.


Long-term experience in treating all types of dental situations.

Downey Dental Solutions has the most comprehensive emergency dental services in the City of Downey, California. Our highly skilled dental experts are fully geared up to meet any dental emergency you or your loved one may have. We excel at putting you at ease immediately on your arrival in the relaxed and comfortable ambience and the calm confidence that our doctors exude.


Common Dental Emergencies Include:

1. A chipped or broken tooth

It is essential to act fast in a broken tooth to prevent bacteria damage or infection to the vulnerable tooth. We also recommend avoiding any hot or cold food or drinks, as they may cause severe pain to the tooth.

You should also avoid chewing with the broken tooth if possible. It’s highly recommended to call Downey Dental Solutions open on Saturday and all weekdays to help as soon as possible.


2. Knocked out tooth


When a tooth is knocked out, there is still a possibility of your dentist reattaching the tooth if it is not too damaged. Therefore, you should first immediately find the tooth but avoid touching the root of the tooth, which you should wash with milk.
Then, either coat the tooth in your saliva by placing it in your mouth and then a container or soak the tooth in milk. If possible, you can also try to place the tooth back into the tooth socket to increase its chances of survival.


3. Severe Sensitivity or Tooth Pain

This pain is generally a sign of another dental issue, such as a cavity, fractured tooth, infection or damaged nerve. If the pain is felt while chewing, you should visit the dentist; however, if the pain stays constant even after chewing, you should seek emergency dental treatment.
While waiting to see the dentist, it is beneficial to wash your mouth out with salt water, floss to remove any excess food and take pain medication if necessary.


4. An Abscess or Dental Infection

These are infections that form around the root or gums of the tooth that causes pain, redness and fever. They must be treated immediately to avoid the spread of bacteria that can cause further damage. 


Dental Emergency in the city of Downey in California by Downey Dental Solutions Urgent Dental Pain Relief.

To reduce the risk of a dental emergency, it is essential to:

  • Practice regular dental hygiene – brush twice daily, floss regularly and use mouthwash.

  • Use a mouthguard while playing contact sports.


After Hours and weekend Dentist and Emergency Dental Clinic in Downey California

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