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Smile Design

A youthful and proportionate smile is not hard to achieve anymore. With recent advancements in dentistry, there are many procedures available to improve the physical appearance of your teeth. 

At Downey Dental Solutions in Downey, California, we use customized cosmetic and orthodontic treatments to achieve an aesthetically pleasing smile that has the shape, size, color, and structure you want. 

our smile design services focus on recreating your smile through cosmetic dentistry procedures and treatments like dental veneers, composite bonding, dental implants, and teeth whitening. We customize each smile design plan according to your unique considerations.

How Does Smile Design Work?

Recreating a smile isn’t as simple as improving the appearance of the teeth using veneers or dental crowns. Our experts at Downey Dental Solutions take a lot of factors into consideration when creating a smile design treatment plan including your overall health, your dental health, and your facial structure, lip, and teeth positions. 

The main components that influence smile design are:

Facial Structure

As part of the treatment, our experts will evaluate the facial aesthetics of the patient. They will evaluate facial symmetry, proportions, and alignment to design a smile that complements the facial features. 

The horizontal and vertical dimensions of the face and facial shape are all taken into consideration during the process. If there are any irregularities, dental procedures are used to correct the issue. 

Lip Position

As the lips border the teeth and set the boundaries for your smile, they play a significant role in smile design. The length, shape, and mobility of the lips are considered for the treatment plan. 

Lip length is the distance between the lower border of the upper lip in its resting position and the point below the nose. Whereas, lip mobility is simply the distance between the top lip in the highest smile position and the resting position. 

Only after a thorough assessment of lip mobility and length can our experts evaluate the ideal position of the teeth and gums. 

Dental Structure

The visible part of the teeth, their positions and dimensions, and their symmetry and balance are all analyzed during the smile design planning process. The length of the front four teeth and the position of the midline compared to the facial midline are also some of the factors that can influence someone’s smile. 

Apart from these evaluations, the age, gender, and personality of the patient are also vital when designing a smile. 


What Are the Procedures Involved in Smile Design?

In some cases, customized dental veneer treatments are enough for a smile makeover. If the case is more complicated, our specialists may use more than one dental procedure to revamp and recreate the smile. 


To schedule a consultation with our experts for smile design treatment, call us at (562) 928-8900.

Maintaining Your Smile

Once your smile design is complete, you will need to maintain the results with proper oral hygiene. Our dentists will provide clear instructions on how to care for your restorations at home. Moreover, during your regular dental checkups, we will ensure that you do not experience any complications and that your restorations are in good shape.

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